Raw movement in nature

Raw movement in Nature is the theme I chose for my gallery. There is movement and nature represented throughout the entire items chosen. The theme is developed with the galleries, like a story. There is a reason I chose the pieces for this theme. Representing movement, rawness and natural state of  objects, this gallery has a detailed connection within the items. Enjoy!

Brooch in shape of Axe is a sculpture or weapon that could've been potentially used to survive back in the day. The antique axe that we see here can exemplify hunting and rawness because of how it was built in the wild, using nature. This image represents power and defense. The reason I chose this piece of art is because in terms of raw movement in nature, this is a weapon used a long time ago, that became something naturally used by humans back in the years. It has movement in it because it was a weapon used to hunt.
Male Portrait is a sculpture made in the second half of the III Century and it is sculpted to represent a human being with male qualities.This male has no clothing on meaning that he could be naked. This represents nature and rawness because we come into this world naked, symbolizing purity. The reason I chose this Sculpture is because it represents a male human. A human is a natural being pertaining to this world.
Woman by Krohn is showing us the most basic details that could lead us to believe this is a woman. A head, a body and a face show us some of the basic qualities that humans have. Just like the prior item in the gallery, this represents the other all natural being that belongs to the food chaing in the world: a woman. The other half of the main animal. The hair is the giveaway for me, but I can still feel the energy of a woman in this painting and not of the man. The colors or the way the lips are drawn. I appreciate the colors used in this piece because it makes me feel dry when I see it. Reminding me of the two first arts, is has a raw feeling to it.
Big Fish Eat Little Fish can ne interpreted as hunting and how this is a natural step in the process of nature. It represents movement because it shows progress over time. For example, it can be cycle: In the painting we see the bigger fish always eating a smaller fish, in other words, humans eating the bigger fish, then we see smaller fish that are being eaten by the bigger ones and so on. This represents a cycle in nature and the movement of it. Again, the dryness of it can be felt by the colorless painting.
Female Lovers represent two female lovers or one female lover and her inside self, in other words, we can potentially call this represents her mind or consciousness . In one side, it shows her true self, in it's most raw form. On the other side, we can see movement being represented with the merging of the bodies; she shows what she decides to show the world. This art represents two bodies but only one person. For this piece, we start to incorporate colors into the mix. Very few, but attractive colors: opposite in the color wheel. (Eg. Orange and Teal)
Mosaic with hunting scence shows us what could represent our animal side as humans. Still in 2015, we still hunt like we used too in earlier centuries,and it still seen as something natural that should never be illegal, because of how natural it is. Hunting will forever characterize us humans and it will show our ferocious side. In the painting, we can see movement because all the figures are mid action, in this case: hunting. Still we can observe the few amounts of color added, just to add warmth and dryness to the character of the art.
The Arrival of the 4th Earl of Manchester is an art piece that symbolizes a society because it shows what looks like a pier area, where a lot of movement is happening twenty four hours, seven days a week. Humans over the years evolved into society ,meaning that this process of different societies being built around the world could be called natural. This shows a little of our destructive side as humans but natural as well. Very few colors are used for detail in this artwork, giving it the sensation of antique and in natural process.
Dominicans in Feathers is an example of a group of animals, penguins in this case. Penguins are very loyal animals that can live with a partner and stay together no matter what, This can be a lesson that we can learn from other species of animals. Sometimes teamwork and loyalty can take us a long way. For success, doing what feels right can be the right thing to do, even if it isn't. Unlike the other artworks prioir to this one, this piece of art is fully colored, even though the colors are still basic and simple. Other species of birds belong in the artwork which appear to be moving.
This is a piece called Flowing Water.We observe a medium sized cascade , which is the focal point as well, simbolizing movement. There are more colors incorporated in this piece but just like other items, it has a lot of teal (one of my favorite colors that I enjoy in artworks) There is no Human interaction in this artwork and it represents how water goes on and doesnt stop, just like life and time never stop. The reason I chose it is because I believe it symbolizes nature and movement, the two main subjects in my theme.
"Morning Of Mountains and Evening of Mountains" is a beautiful example of nature and two binary opposites. This artwork shows us mountains in two different seasons of the year. This difference in the two suggests that there is movement in the picture. Something so simple can be so beautiful and appreciated if seen from a natural point of view. This is nature in its most raw form and again, the lack of colors allow it to represent that raw feeling I get when I appreciate artworks like these.
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