Deus con machina

In the modern worldview, god does not simply exist in the machine: god exists as the machine.  From the simplest organism to the most complex weapon, humanity attacks the question of creation not as a tribute, but as an idea of domination.  We create to facilitate control.  The human condition is such that the unknown must be conquered before it is understood.  Divine intervention has become a myth.  Science has become doctrine.

Nature is remade into a City. The city nurtures humanity. The city becomes diablo. The blitz reworks a concrete paradise into an inferno. An attempt at possession has become an act of destruction. BOMBING OF NAGASAKI - Cat's Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut
The impact of war is not an entirely human condition. We have crafted entire landscapes of ash and fire in once verdant soil. Nature is a tool to be overcome. SACRIFICE ZONE (p. 234)- Snow Crash, Neil Stephenson
To tame the seas we have made floating monoliths of steel and smoke. Within those floating fortresses the human condition is reduced to pure mechanics. Crew is expendable, where people become a resource to be consumed. ENTERPRISE - Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson
A virus may be a disease or it may be a weapon, but it is rarely appreciated as a simple living thing. The microscopic being may be a malady to be conquered, a vector for genetic change, or even a tool for domination, but it never simply is. METAVIRUS - Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson
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