Flowers are the beauty of  nature in this gallery you can see the many different things flowers can portray. Flowers can be pretty and full of life or gloomy and dead. 

I like this painting because the red,pink,yellow and green flowers pop against the black and its a newer painting.
I chose this because Shin,Sun-Joo flowers always seem to pop out at you the colors always go together well.
To me this painting symbolizes innocence of a small child by putting him in the flower which is blooming. I chose this painting because tulips are one of my favorite flowers
The kids appear to be almost picking the flowers, I chose this painting because I loved to go out and pick wild flowers out the yard when I was a child.
These flowers are pink and purple which are two of my favorite colors that's why I first chose this painting. However if you look closely you can see the faces of children in the petals of the flower.
I choose this painting because most flower artworks make the flowers seem young and innocent,these flowers are beautiful but aged. They are in the last stage before being completely dead.
I like this because it creates more focus on the leaves of the flower then the petals which artist normally focus on.
This painting is very dramatic and the flowers have a fire like look creating a halo around the women who appears to be thinking to hard. To me she seems to be killing herself with her own thoughts.
I choose this painting because it reminds me of walking through over grown grass fields.
I choose this painting because roses are used to symbolize romance and the flowers seem to belong in a woman's room.
Credits: All media
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