Riley Metzcus

Color Schemes

This painting has a warm color scheme. It uses the colors red, orange, and yellow to create an energetic and dangerous mood.
This artwork uses an analogous color scheme. It includes the colors yellow, yellow orange, and orange to create a calm, warm mood. Even though it uses some blue in the sky, the rest of the painting is analogous.
This painting uses cool colors such as green, blue, and purple. By using cool toned colors, the painting establishes a rhythmic, calming mood
This painting has a complementary color scheme. It uses complementary colors such as orange and blue and puts them next to each other to create an eerie, unbalanced mood.
This painting has a monochromatic color scheme because it uses several tints and shades of the same color. The blue shades used help create a calm, balanced mood.
This painting has a triadic color scheme because it uses only the three primary colors- red, blue, and yellow. This color scheme helps create a boring, plain mood because of the lack of color.
Credits: All media
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