1. Trying to sell simple things to get money 2. outside in the cold rainy weather with young children 3. dismal expressions
1. Young kid at work 2. Dismal Expression 3. Simple clothes
1. No belongings 2. Dirty surroundings 3. Dismal expressions
1. Dirty faces and clothes 2. Worried and dismal expression 3. Kids clinging to their mothers when they don't have anything else
1. Ragged looking appearance 2. Living on a train cart 3. Dismal expressions
1. Look abandoned 2. Some have no shoes 3. Dismal expressions
1. non sturdy structure 2. one of the girls does not have shoes on 3. dirty surroundings
1. Alone/abandoned 2. lack of shelter for sleeping 3. vulnerability of sleeping in public
1. No shoes 2. ragged appearance 3. sleeping without shelter and in public.
1. Dirty surroundings 2. Making use of things others don't have a use for 3. dirty clothes
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