Claudio's gallery

Take a look at this marvelous gallery of contemporary art that I have intentionally created. Enjoy.

This artwork can have endless meanings to every person, its geometrical form and square form look so simple, yet so complicated. For me, it represents that you have a choice in life: to live inside the box as most people do, or to find your way out and make your own path.
In my opinion, this artwork is a great example of modern contemporary art. Its weird alien-like figures, bright colors, and detail, which I think is pretty amazing, are a few examples of why this is such a creative project.
This painting is very eye-catching, with its pop art style, and contrast in colors, the people shown seem to be impressed by something, which leaves you to imagine, what that something is, which is quite neat.
This artwork was a charm to look at, because of its shape, it looks like a reflective, endless vortex twirling down until becoming a very thin line, followed by an interesting optical illusion.
This painting is a great example of how art doesn't have to have a "picture-like" look to it. Here are just random swirls and dashes of bright and colorful paint, which makes it very appealing to the eye.
This artwork not only already looks contemporary because of its fresh, and smooth look, but also has some other pieces of very famous artworks hidden inside it, which I believe was quite clever.
I absolutely love to look at artworks like this one. With its awesome shades of blue and orange contrast in an abstract yet geometrical way is extremely satisfying to admire in my opinion.
Similar to the last one, this painting is an abstract sort of painting. Taking the idea in a different direction, this one has more colors, and instead of being fully geometrical, has many splashes of paint all over the artwork.
This artwork exposes the message of how an ordinary looking wall can be turned into an amazing, very creative artwork. Aside from its white background, it contains several unique shapes and forms, combined with clever contrast from white and black into bright and vibrant colors.
An idea, a place to paint, and some art tools are all you need to create something as creative as this. The use of bright, warm colors in abstract geometrical shapes and lines,turns this into a very satisfying piece of art.
Credits: All media
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