Renissance perspective

Architect-person who plans and designs buildings Fantasy-broad loosely defined art genre Decoration-arts and crafts concerned with design Classical-emphasis on symmetry, proportion, and design
deception-employment of trickery variation-change or difference in condition unique-being the only one of it's kind formulate-create or devise
urban art-refers to cities and buildings antiquity-the ancient past virtuous-high moral standards octagonal-having eight angles and eight sides
no details
catalogued-make a seismatic list monograph-a detailed written study of a single specializes subject portion-a part of a whole emblematic-serving as a symbol
watercolours-water soluable binder perspective-the art of drawing 2 demensional surface to give it the right demension of height comrade-companion who shares the same likes exhibtion-organized presentation
investigation-examination of research social power-influence or control behavior of people tense-stretched tight depth-distance from the top
aspect-particular part monumental-great importance fashion-popular style clintele-clients collectively
attention-notice taken of someone or something composition-the nature of somethings ingredience custom-widely accepted way talent-nature of skill
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