The Shape of Pain

Courtney Quick, the focus of these paintings are of the physical and emotional pain that screams through silent art work. I chose pieces that were very loud to me from the very obvious physical pain of Frida to the silent cry of the girl sitting by candlelight in the darkness.

I chose this photo because of the grand amount of pain Frida painted in her photos. Her bodies broken yet she stands tall held together by a brace. The colors and small details frame her pain and strength. The movement of the tears on her face and the falling nails gives the painting a strange pattern and perspective into her life.
The colors of this painting show passion and pain. The red signifies a loss, and her expression is so woe and grim it caused me to pause. The clarity of the design on her face caused me to center there. Only after that I looked down at the different texture details beneath her grim features to see the battle in the tree's. The contrast between her face and the bloody scene below makes this painting much powerful.
I chose this painting because even though the girls face is cast downward you can see the weight on her shoulders expressed there. The shapes of her dress cause a downward movement casting the eye from the head of the figure all the way down to the lantern she carries by her feet.
This particular painting shows two grieving women. One has her face covered in darkness the other has a very textured lined face outlining her very grim state. The colors used help draw the eye to the most obvious of grim women but after you look at her your eye moves to the withdrawn girl with her face covered. Both women are in pain they are showing two very opposite sides of their personalities and expression of the emotion.
This painting was very simple of Eve. You can see the apple laying down near her and feel her regret by her defeated pose. The texture causes the background to be blurry and the focus to be on eve while the patterns and shapes of her body are in a circle motion so the eye is able to follow her shape and view her completely and easily.
The loss of a child is most likely one of the most painful things to endure. This picture had great movement and the figures contrast each other elegantly. The woman has very complex fabrics that move and change patterns where as the boy is very smooth and not as complex.
This painting reminds me of a silent cry for help. She is surrounded by darkness which causes such a contrast to her skin. She looks like she is almost under water with the smooth curving movement of the lines and patterns over her body. Her face is very grim and to me it looks like tears have come from her eyes. Its a silent painful piece that says more than I believe this girl would.
The expression on this woman's face could say a thousand words. She looks up at the sky questioning the higher plan for her son. The contrast of her and her sons skin make it very obvious he has passed on. They made the scene very light and the background very dark so that the eye focuses on the lower portion of the painting. I think the texture and design of the floor is very elegant and the details of the skull and candles add to the piece.
This piece uses contrast so beautifully with the light of the candle. We are drawn to the girls face as she looks over a candle we can barely see her features but can tell her hand rests on a skull. She seems very deep in thought. The pattern here is that most of these artists use light and darkness to draw their audiences gaze.
Credits: All media
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