Subtle Stories Told From Compositions

The inclusion of four subject matters can be used to compare each pair as both have their own opposite pair. The use of translucency within the subjects can suggest that they are nothing more than their own shape.
The use of vibrant colors makes it easier to notice the composition of various scenes depicted in this piece. Each scene tells a story of curiosity.
Van Gogh's use of color and technique help to depict a certain mood of the artwork. I imagine this as the perspective of someone on a hill looking at the skyline of their town which is small at boring in contrast with the night sky thatis alive with action.
The use of incomplete structures, helps to tell a story of a man that is incomplete with his woman, the expression on his face is one of yearning.
The title of the painting tells the story itself as the artist clutters the canvas with angels, and other abstract beings to create a battle scene. The most significant subject in the painting, in my opinion, is the only angel in the gold armor. I believe this may be Michael.
This picture is telling a story of a yearly celebration as ta small town gather on a beach to watch the lighting of an object which may be symbolic. The attention to each persons clothing gives an idea of celebration.
The artist paints a scene of the beginning of what appears to be a raid. The use of contrasting colors like greens and blues clashing with reds and brown help make the entire picture more dramatic and vivid.
Van Gogh uses colors a lot to highlight emotions. I enjoy the composition of empty furnitures painted in warm colors of reds, and yellows. The story I see is that all though the room devoid of human life, the furnitures are alone to enjoy one another's company as they circle together to discuss the day.
The artist uses definitive shapes when painting each subject. Their shapes help depict the structured, stoic, proper nature I imagine the people present themselves as. The lack of expressions is intentional as it does not appear if they are enjoying themselves or not, as if they are their because of routine.
The story I see that Edvard Munch is telling by his composition is the agony, and fear of being lost in a strange place. The use of long, wavey brush strokes, and contrasting colors help to convey this story, also the ominous two figures approaching from the distance.
Henri's story being told is the desperate, 'survival of the fittest' nature of the wild. The lion has finally subdued his prey but lurking in the shadows of the trees is a leopard waiting to eat its share of what is left of the carcass.
Osgemeos successfully paints a journey from left to right of his painting when following the train tracks. The journey ventures deeper into the abstract 'weird'. This is done by using a width dominant canvas, and non traditional, neon colors.
The artist attempts to capture the post effect of war. Practically everyone is blind folded. A group of soldiers are lead past a mass of soldiers on the ground whom appear to be deceased or severely injured. We are as blind as the individuals as we do not know war our selves but are led by an individual through it's turmoil, just like how the group of soldiers are led.
Amedeo paints a man dressed in a suit and tie wearing a hat smoking a cigarette. The use of drab, brown colors gives the painting a murky, exhaustive feel. I imagine the man is enjoying a small break from his dreary work.
This picture depicts the unknown. The calm sea appears welcoming, the use of grey and the entire canvas gives the perspective of venturing further into the painting.
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