the maternal love

this lady is ******** ,and she is so expected for her baby will be born ,it is shows us she really love her kid.
it is shows us the maternal love, this woman is watching her kids ,and take care of them.
this woman is wishing that her child can be a good person in the furture, shows us the maternal love.
they love each other , the big brother take care of the little brother ,and they parents are happiness when they parents saw that
this picture shows us how does this woman love her child when this woman is suckling the infant .
this baby will die , her mother is so warry about her and want to save her life, but this baby already become an angle and watching her mother .
the mother always love her child ,even though the children get sick, and the mother really warry about her child.
this woman is watching her baby with love.
after i saw this picture,i really miss my mom, because the mother always spend a lot of time for looking after their child, don't want to their child get hurt.
lovely family ,it is so sweet, their mom is knitting a sweater for her daughter, and they are the obedient girls.
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