The use of texture in art

Texture in art is used to show definition and make it look as though you could reach out and feel the texture.

I chose this painting because the flower's texture looked as if they were real flowers.
I picked this because the whole sculpture is texture.
This picture looks like you would be able to run your hand over it and feel the bumps.
I picked this one because, each building has it's own texture and then the buildings all together have a texture.
This one looks like it would be like a rock wall but, up close it shows the each of the books individual textures.
From far away it looks like an alleyway but, up close each object has a different texture than it normally would.
I picked this one because of the way the grass it painted, it makes it look like you could feel it.
I chose this one because, it up close the skull takes a texture of noodles.
I picked this one because of the peaches in the front. It really looks like the actual painting is fuzzy.
The clouds in this one really stand out on this one. They look like they would feel like cotton balls.
I picked this one because the trees and grass have the texture of trees and grass.
The texture in this picture makes it look like it could be a photo.
The texture in this picture makes the rock wall look like actual rocks.
Up close this picture has a completely different texture than it does up close.
This mountains and ground in this picture has a lot of texture.
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