The Next biggest illusion (kendrick browne)

The theme I choose is contemporary re-defining sculptures. They will be brought to attention in their innovating form called photographic laminates. These forms include three-dimensional traits, that consist of architect, bodies and nature. What makes it all come together is that it is illuminated by light within different shaped boxes. All photographic laminates inspired by Myung Keun Koh's work, to show the remixed and the redefining of the principles of two-dimensional photographic representation.

The first piece I would like to exhibit is Building 61. It was chosen to be in the collection because of the obvious how something two dimensional, can be taken and turned into a three dimensional square shape sculpture.This piece of art was made from digital printed transparent film. It was then taken and was laminated between clear plastic sheets to give the illusion of a sculpture. It is truly intriguing how the building is showcasing images of the interior and exterior of the building. Through it you can see the outer and inner walls that gives the illusion of an imaginary square. Combined elements such as the street's road showing, images of a girl looking into the building, and another lady walking along the other side of the building with a motor cycle looking its parked somewhere, is all elements of a illusion to grasp all aspects.
The second piece I choose is Dream of building 10, I feel this is a great choice of photographic illusion. It displays several elements such as its magical architectural sculpture of illusion, this also displays a laminated clear plastic sheet, and transparent film. It is interesting as we are able to see within the walls of building 10. This allows the audience insight into its classical greek architectural ceiling, the walls with the lion sculptures outlining the outside, and as you look closer inside you can gather that halls with mirrors in which you can see threw the 3 dimensional.
The third sculpture is of Stone Body-49, this sculpture was fascinating due to its hidden message. The sculpture was to give the perception of an empty lonely world. It adds to my collection of photographic sculpture illusion because it shows and represented in complex photographic geometrical form, giving the feeling of lifeless bodies in the image. Showcasing within the sculpture of Musee d'Orsay, images of what appears to be photographed scenery.Open fields and trees, shows the world and how lonely it can be for one, the orange/ red color also adds a sense of harsh feeling since red is a deep color with so much emotion it not only helps illuminate the light that adds to the illusion but it gives powerful levels of emotion.
by Koh, Myung Keun Stone Body 36 fits perfectly with my photographic illusions collection because of its three dimensional photographic sculpture of a naked women, giving the illusion that she is near with specific positioning of the photos and the illusion that it is further away in further pictures. 5 different boards allowing light to project 3 different versions of the women within the picture which gives the illusion that she is trapped within the wall,
Stone Body 33 adds a new meaning to photographic illusion, unlike the other works in my collection this illusion of emptiness the artist made the illusion come to life by showing pictures of a male sculpture, within a empty building with the the 3 dimensional illusion of himself. In a dark narrow rectangular building with just the walls, with the male figure staring down into the grown with a neutral facial expression you can see the loneliness the artist was trying to portray
1 is a different type of photographic images of illusion which is new to my collection With the water photos giving the illusion of a fluid like castle. Made with overlapping photographic planes constructed to develop the illusion that it is a 3 dimensional realistic solid structure that allows for the magical illusion that depending on the angle one is viewing it from it would seem that the castle was made out of pure solid fluid, with proper light illumination for the structures characters to give the proper shapes of a castle, the edges look realistic along with the door.
A more basic example of photographic illusion Building 5 has the interior and exterior showing, the inside is perceived to be empty and hollow. The brick like features, the 3 dimensional walls, and the Asian like structure. The 4-point, red doors being perceived in 4 different ways with the ceiling reflecting the bottom surface floor. With a white background it gives this clear laminated box the illusion that it is free to wonder not showing any sources of "home" in saying that there are no surrounding around this middle it is alone within the universe.
With a trapezoid shaped figure Building 24 plastic images of photographs used to create the imaginary magic illusion. The manipulation of surface, space and formation of the box. The illusion is created as a perfect example for my collection by overlapping planes that were constructed based upon the inexpressible illusion of depth and different images which depending on the viewers angle can depict how one will be tricked into seeing the illusion come to life. Its ceiling less illusion and lines allow for the windows to be more defined allowing for the hanging figures to seem more 3D then they are giving definition
Credits: All media
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