Colored Feelings

Pedro Cabrera - Full Sail University - Art History

Cupid as Victor by Caravaggio is an exquisite painting from the baroque time, he uses the colors to enhance the shadows in the picture making it more obscure.
The Abduction of Europa by Rembrandt, also demonstrates one of the characteristics from the baroque art, which is strong shadows, soft lights, giving the picture a sensation of passion.
The Night Watch by Rembrandt, I chose this one and "The Abduction of Europa" because they are the perfect example of how the baroque artists used the color to make the art more passionate and obscure.
Saint George and the Dragon by Raphael, on the contrary from the baroque artists here we can see how Raphael uses light to give the painting a more vivid feeling.
Here we have Pallas and the Centaur by Botticelli, again showing the difference in how the different styles use the color to give the painting different feelings.
One of my favorite paintings of all the time, The Starry Night by Van Gogh, shows an abstract and obscure painting, the color he used along with his technique make the painting extremely captivating.
Here we have Van Gogh again, with a self portrait, here we can see his characteristic use of color and fascinating technique.
This was the first version that Van Gogh made for the "Starry Night", I really love the details of the light on the water, though is an abstract painting.
I like how Diego Rivera managed to catch the beautiful colors of a sunset in this amazing painting, giving a calm feeling to the painting
I really liked how the artists used a large variety of colors to make this colorful and cheerful abstract painting, plus there are not so much modern painting that are actually worth it.
The use of the primary colors makes a bold statement that really caught my attention. I don't know what it is but there is something in this piece that makes it rarely interesting.
Tragic of Yellow Skin by Tan Chin Kuan uses the colors violet and yellow. In this painting the yellow paint washes over the dark figure.This painting gives kind of like a darkish feeling to the viewer
People seem to think that graffiti is a bad thing, and that is not art, but they are wrong, there are a lot of graffitis out there that are AMAZING like this one, and others also have a strong message
Jeff Soto has a variety of pieces with weird forms, colors and perspective, sadly google art does not have all of them, he uses the color to give his painting colorful and abstract forms.
I really loved this piece, and the way he used the colors to make this amazing owl in the wall.
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