I chose these paintings because I thought they were beautiful and interesting. I really enjoyed the paintings that wanted to show nature and its beauty. I also chose these paintings because I looked at these and interpret them based on things I learned in class and the colors and brush strokes of the paintings.

This painting gives a calm and relaxing feeling. The varying shades of dull green and brown do not excite the viewer as much as brighter colors.
This painting reminded me of the allegory of the cave; it appears as if the viewer is coming out of the cave and into the light. Out of the ignorance and into enlightenment.
I liked the calm sunrise and the reflection of the sun on the water. I also liked the intense color in the ground and trees.
I liked this painting because the lights in the sky are colorful are bright and pop out when compared to the background. The background consists of dark colors so the bright blue yellow and red of the lights in the sky get the viewers attention.
The painter was depicting the natural beauty of a landscape. He shows the cows and sheep and the sun naturally lighting up the beauty of nature the way it was supposed to be seen.
This painting gives a calm and relaxing feeling. The warm colors of the red and the brown as well as the calm flow of the water gives a refreshing feel to the painting.
I liked the contrast in the color between the bright yellow and the dull blue. I also liked that if you zoom in you can see the brush strokes in the mountain and the water.
This painting contains a lot of green and blue to show the nature and its beauty, there is also a lot of light to show the purity of the nature.
I liked the bright colors of the flowers and the flowers pop out even more because of the black background. I also think that the gold frame helps lighten up the painting.
I liked this painting because I liked the detail to the girls hair and her clothes. I also think that the girl drew on her wall a boat and the sea.
I liked this painting because it has texture, you can see the brush stokes. This painting gives the feeling that the woman is pretty upset at the man and does not feel like forgiving him.
My interpretation of this painting is that it is about one day in winter when a family that lives in a farm goes out to play together with their pet dogs to enjoy the snow.
I like this painting even though the colors are dull because it shows both the ocean and the boats as well as the shore and the people and the city. The painting shows how ordinary people lived.
I thought that this painting brought a refreshing and calm feeling, like a new day brought new chances and new opportunities. The light coming from the horizon also makes everything seem pure and new.
I liked this painting because it made me think about what this girl was doing. I found it strange that she was wearing what looks like a pocket watch as a necklace.
We saw this painting in english once and we realized that this painting was making fun of Native Americans. On one side they are strange, on the other they are so out of place it is laughable.
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