A collection which is host to all manner of Gods and Deities. This particular gallery is filled with Folklore figures from most the Eastern side of the world but they all share either thier bold use of color and contrast as well strong line work such as cross-hatching. Hope you enjoy! - Cheyenne Cruz

This piece portrays an ancient indian deity and his devotee tending to their masters desires. The contrasting colors from the green background to the strong blue and golden highlights of the deity.
This beautiful piece portrays a tale of Shiva, a goddess in Indian folklore done all with the use of line on an almost meticulous level to achieve incredible detail and get amazing result.
This is another great example of line showing venus and adonis with cupid in the the sideline which can only mean that love is definitely a thing here. The cross hatching in this work really brings out the detail beautifully.
In this picture we have yet another piece depicting the journey of Buddha towards perfection. This piece's multitude of color make for wonderful contrast that make the piece seem vibrant.
This amazing dress depicts the dragon of the north wind as he slew his brother the dragon of the south wind beautifully stitched on the garb. The vibrant colors of the dragon contrast with the background make it pop well
Yet another Shiva statue that shows the deity as she slays her enemies and the golden detail contrast well with the overall black statue
Yet another great use of contrast between the green and the reds in this door guardian deity as well as the line work all lead to the very center all the way to his staff.
Same as the his counter part but with even more contrast this other door guardian adds purple to the mix which definitely add for more contrast.
Another indian/ Shiva piece depicting the goddess and her devotees as the formed a composite cow as she rides it on her journey. The piece, like many others, has very bold tones of red which contrast well with the background
Another Indian art piece with bold use of warm colors that contrast well with the green and yellow details. This piece depicts a yogaic figure from Indian Folklore.
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