1905 russian revolution

By Steve Fung,  Arturo Velasco and Daniel Kaufman

Russia get ivolved in a war with Japan in 1904. Tsar NicholasII thought that it was a good idea because he thought the the people of Russia will stop criticising him. War cause lack of food and other goods and workers lost their jobs. The russians lost the war
Bloody Sunday was the 22 January 1905. They marched from Petesburg to the winter palace. Father Gapon was the leader of the march, he wanted less work hours to 8 hours and more money. 2000 people marched to Narva gate, but Cossacks open fire to them, killing thousands.
The spark of this revolution was the bloody sunday. There were 400,000 workers out on strike. For the rest of the year(1905) the goverment had little control of events, there were demostrations, petitions, peasant uprisingsn and student riots, there were a lot of assasinations, the Tsar was at war with the people of Russia
Russian peasants lived in a very bad conditions in 1905 thry didnt have food or a shelter they were starving and homeless with no money at all but the worst part was that the tsar didnt care about them insted he buyed gold jewellery when he had people on his country starving
Tsar Nicholas was not ready to be the tsar and he didnt wanted to be the tsar, and also he solved everything with violence. But he survive because he didnt gave nothing to the peasants, he didnt was in the place of the revolution and he send the army to kill all the ones that reveled against him
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