Virtual Museum of Greek History

Tour presented by: Devin Broukal

Period: Late Minoan Item made of: Baked clay Where: In Crete, at Knossos Importance: Key to unlocking code to oldest recorded Greek dialect
Period: Late Geometric Item made of: Bronze Where: Boiotia, Thebes, Greece Importance: Proof that Greeks where now starting to worship gods and pay tributes
Period: Archaic Item made of: Leather/armor Where: Argos/ Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia Importance: Another way to get war stories, one of earliest ever signatures
Period: Archaic Item made of: Silver Where: Island of Naxos Importance: Very strong economic and political dimension
Period: Archaic Item made of: Terracotta What: Possibly a children’s toy Importance: Example of Homers epics still in effect
Period: Classical Item made of: Terracotta Where: Athens, Greece Importance: Vases and vessels throughout history
Period: Hellenistic Item made of: Marble Where: Shrine of Asklepios Importance: A major influential deity throughout Greece and Asia Minor from 480-300 BC.
Period: Early Bronze Age Item made of: Clay Where: Grave sights all over Aegean Islands Importance: Perspective
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