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I like how it shows the shapes of the houses clearly, it really brings out the whole painting to me. The color as well, brings out everything. The grass or the forest i the front, and i love how its getting dark and it shows that by the color in the sky
The reason why i chose this one is because i think it looks like a Giant map with dozens of things going on.I think it has a lot of value to it with all the colors in between it really brings out the whole image.
I think this art work piece is very interesting because its very simple but there shapes created here are by the lines that are put that for into a rectangle. The colors separate the whole drawing piece because you can see where the shapes are and the space makes it look more interesting because you can almost think it is a little RV.
This drawing here reminds me of the projects in New York City because it shows the tall building and the shapes are almost all the same as rectangles. The form on he left side are shown only on that side and not the other.
I really like this drawing because it shows forms of the food and it really brings it out making it look like a buffet. The color is simple and it looks like an older drawing.
The value in this drawing is good i like how it is, just two simple colors. This is a simple one and i love it. The color is just two, and it brings the whole image out it speaks for it self.
This reminds me of a picture way back in the days when life was simple. The colors are just two, gray and white. The shades of gray really stand out and are put in the right places.
This artwork piece here i think has good color because it just plain and simple and straight to the point where it doesn't throw you off if there were to be more color. There is for in this piece of art work because it brings out everything like the girl and the car.
I think this art piece is like the drawings back in the days when the government would post pictures up about women rights and politics. This drawing reminds me also like its a fighter message. This drawing has a lot of color and it shows it in many different ways/
This drawing is just plain and simple i chose it because i like butterflies. i love the color on it. there isnt any crazy colors its just simple and it shows texture by all the rocks on the bottom.
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