Shows traditional building that many would be familiar with. Also shows the people standing outside, possibly showing the poverty of the country
Shows the Chinese army working together to build some sort of structure out of rock. Shows the lack of adequate machinery.
A temple in China. Again shows the structure portrayed in numerous films
Shows a beautiful untouched part of China. A rarity with such a high population.
Shows to traditional dress that the Chinese women would wear. Interesting to include to reflect some of the culture.
Chinese art work. This style or work is very common, unknown to me
Chinese currency. I though it would be important to show due to its extremely interesting shape.
Again, shows the traditional dress and how different it is from ours.
Shows what I would assume is a leader of China. The Chinese have a different way of honoring there leaders that is different from us.
Had to include food of China. Picture of a banquet some where is China
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