Colorful Mythology           by Ashley Bailey

For my gallery I decided to name it Colorful Mythology. I'll be focusing on more color related mythology pictures. The reason I choice these themes is because I really enjoy all things related to mythology. And I choice to do more on color because many images in color have a much bigger impact than just a merely black and white image.

This is a picture of David with the head of the giant Goliath. This reflects my theme because it deals with the mythology of a character from the Bible and uses color to help impact the viewer.
This picture shows the mythological human known has Cupid and Mars, son of Jupitor and Juno. This is showing Cupid son of Mars looking down over his father. The colors give a sense of realism.
This picture shows Mercury giving Nymphs the infant Bacchus. The colors are here help outline the thought of color and how it impacts the reader, and also helps outline the mythological humans.
This image shows a women playing the harp of Erin. The artist used colors to help certain items stand out to the viewer. For example a brighter white to help catch and bring the eye to the women.
Here Ceres, Bacchus, and Venus all sitting and drinking possible grape wine. The colors here really help stand the image out. Especially the red on Ceres's dress.
This picture, Mars and Venus are being surprised by the Gods while they are in bed. A pattern that I am seeing is the colors red and blue in these paintings. Both meaning the something of passion.
This images was based on the thought of Ixion's fall into madness. The colors here help the viewer feel a sense of death, or fear. The darker colors make you think more dark rather than bright colors.
Here is Venus looking into a mirror. The main color in this is red which once again represents passion in the painting. The color stands out more rather than having no color at all.
This picture has Nymph and Sheperd both hanging behind a tree. Going away from the colors, these darker colors give off a sense of despair. Has well has the dead trees in the background.
This picture shows the mythological Venus sitting on the waves of the ocean. These colors are much calmer, and not bright. This is to show relaxation, and it also very pleasing tho the viewer's eye.
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