A six stringed mess

This gallery includes art pieces centered around the musical instrument known as the guitar. The art pieces are mostly paintings but all are abstract.

This piece is a guitar/violin painted in abstract. The colors are mostly mild with a few that stick out. The blues and whites are what stick out in this painting, along with the shapes. Lots of polygons all sewn together to make this beautiful piece.
This piece is a guitar on a table painted in abstract. The blue guitar on the brown table makes for a great contrast. As well as the pattern of the cut up pieces of guitar, they all clash and coincide very well.
This piece is of a woman with the body of a guitar sitting in a chair while holding a cat. The shapes in this piece is what its all about. The perfect crescent of the left side of the painting really accents the rest of the piece.
This piece is of a guitar and newspapers lying on a table. The sharpness of the shapes in this painting make it standout. All of the shapes in this piece have very sharp corners which makes the piece very symmetrical.
This piece is of a guitar on table with breakfast and what looks like sheet music. The colors in this piece are very mild. Low accented blues, grey, and manilla mostly. This makes the painting very easy to look at and soft.
This piece is of a guitar in front of a picture of the ocean. What sticks out the most in this piece is the picture inside of the painting. The ocean picture has very bright colors compared to the rest of the piece hence why it is significant.
This is a painting of a violin and guitar, mashed into one. This piece is as if someone froze a television while it was on the fritz. The lines are what makes it so. all unequal with where they need to be in the piece, but somehow they all make sense.
This piece is a sculpture of a guitar/woman. The simplicity is wonderful in this piece. No need for bright colors or symmetrical lines. Just a simple interpretation of ones imagination.
This piece is of a person holding a guitar. Patterns are wonderful. Especially in art as they do not hold the same meaning we put onto them. Even this piece, that has no reconcilable pattern is symmetrical in more then one way. The checkered ground in the bottom is what sticks out the most.
This sculpture is a man in a seat with a guitar. Again it is simplistic. No color except black and grey, this sculpture has captured a musicians soul as he plays the guitar. The broken lines really accent the colors too, or lack their of.
Credits: All media
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