Greek Art

By: Emily Heiden

Group of three life sized terracotta statues. These are based off of Greek mythology. The seated man is unknown but is a singer like the sirens who are said to lure sailors to their death. This group may have once decorated Greek tombs. Although terracotta is often used in south Italy Greek colonies so the exact original placement is not known.
This is a Vase with the Greek go Dionysus pictured. Dionysus in known as the god of wine. The head of the goat frequently paired with this god forms the handle. A stamp at the bottom of this piece gives it the name of its maker Likinnois.
This Head Belonged to an Athenian grave monument. The detailed face shows many idealizations of Greek society. Some of these including the deep eye sockets, The furrowed eye brows and tasseled hair. The emotion in figures like this are known to make the individualization to the deceased not the sculptures looks.
This statue depicts a moment in epic poem The Odyssey By Homer. This moment was when Odysseus and his men tied them selves under sheep to escape from a hungry one-eyed giant. This statues medium was terracotta. These terracotta statues were usually used as gifts to the gods.
This Head is all that survives of what ones used to be a life sized statue of a god. It was made of Bronze. This head was a depiction again of the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. The ivy leaves hung around his head are associated with this god.
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