movement within a movement

This exhibit is dedicated to the african americans painted thru the many struggles across the years. These people in these paintings or portraits are famous to those of our culture; the existence of the persuasive african americans thru the times, The strokes, lines and curves of these artists depict in each portrait or painting show the boldness and respect for black people when other people had none.

The painting is of a street singing group. Each section is depicted by different pattern and color. The artist used a freehand style to achieve the free flowing strokes throughout the painting. Every section or room having a different person or an object with its own feel when you look at it; almost if each room depicted a persons aura, personality or soul.
This picture is of an old election poster. There is a collaboration of free drawn lines to make up the structure of the face and the facial features of the poster. The strokes of the ink are precise and strategically placed to make the same colored ink seem to almost change color from the spacing in between the precision strokes.
This is an early day advertising poster. The free hand drawing is pronouncing dancing and singing is to take place. There are several women depicted in the poster. Each and everyone different in a pose, position and dress. The artist used the single line and its many different forms to create a masterpiece.
This is an empowerment poster. These posters were popular the time of the war. Posters of this type tried to inform Blacks of the power within themselves. The artist used a free hand drawing style to achieve this powerful statement. The curves and lines in this picture are strong and bold to stand out; the same as the message they were relaying to the people of their culture. A mark of a great change that changed the world.
These are pictures found in the Black Panthers newspapers in the seventies. These newspapers were meant to educate, inform and organize a program to unify blacks to over the oppression by other races at that time. The artist used free hand lines, portraits and pattens to created the look of a young child happily looking at class room of learning. This was created to start movements of those seeing to enroll their young and themselves into these programs.
This is another picture from a Black Panther magazine informing those in slavery to rise. The artist depicted freedom by using solid dark lines and curves to created the face of freedom at that time Harriet Tubman. The rest of the poster are pictures of African Americans that could easily be their family. Power, emotion, pain, and anger are all depicted in this newspaper artwork. The blue is the one color the newspaper could afford for that issue. A to message to those wanting a change.
This is a video of one of the famous artist responsible for most of the Black Panther newspaper artwork. He explains why and how they created the newspapers artwork. How they could only afford one color at time, that's why the works were one color. How he used markers and pens to make the bold lines that got the lookers attention. A master of his work.
This is an illustration from a children's book. The artist used thin curvy lines to make this picture of an black astronaut in space. During the time this was drawn a colored astronaut was unheard of. The picture was made to empower and let blacks know the sky is the limit.
This is a more current movie poster. The artist was making an appeal to people's comedic side this work. The poster is a change from the normal curves and lines in a free hand painting or portrait. Instead the artist used straight lines and circle to make a vivid picture of a bald black woman with big lips and hardly any hair eating a piece of watermelon. Deciphering that this is comedic film about black women, a brilliant image to portray the movies plot.
This is a photo of some of the most familiar faces to African Americans everywhere. The Murray's Hair Dress can painting is free hand drawing or a man and women modeling the hair grease. The lines are free and curvy throughout both the male and females hair grouped and spaced strategically to accomplish a luster look. Both the male and the female both share the same red lips and olive facial color. This can is a trademark to nice hair thru the black community.
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