Modern Abstract Movement By Ari Melincoff-Levy

This gallery includes different new age pieces. These works have many variations of migration. In this gallery you will find the majority of the works to be abstract in one way or another. The objective is to expand your artistic horizon while looking at art through a kaleidoscope of shimmering perspective. 

This piece is very expressive with its bold colors that contrast with the flowing background. There is lots of movement through different patterns and shapes thats depicted through different quadrants. Along the top and bottom are barriers holding the piece within which are bland and somewhat colorless. Within are windows adding depth to the background.
Here is an incredible representation of movement. Long thin colors wrap around the room in straight angles. They flow endlessly with each other in a rainbow supporting one another. The modern tone is shown through the blank white walls which allows the focus to be shifted towards the focal colorful floor. As you look farther back the lines become more abstract.
This work has huge contrast. Shark fins are stirring in the depths of the abstract ocean waves. Along the skyline up above are very modern abstract looking space shuttle objects which attributes movement to the piece. The combination offers different categories of perspective lending the viewer the keys to the door of imagination.
This dark and gloomy work of art contains a creature. The creature is abstract because it lacks features with definition. Instead there is a body flowing through space with little intention behind where its headed next. The modern slick artifacts are suggestive with its new age futuristic look and minimal color.
The fight taking place in the bull ring is abstract because the lines are painted mildly sloppy. The crowd is hard to make out in the sea of black and brown smudges, however their presence is prominent and suspenseful. The characters in the ring are bolded with colors and are the only ones in the picture to use this contrast.
This special piece screams modern abstract movement. The inner to outer spatter signifies movement toward the outside of the work. The modern tone comes from its minimal design and its single word meaning. The design is abstract while it utilized random splatter that couldn't be hand placed with specific intention.
This work offers an abstract twist to ones reality. The deeper you gaze into the art the further it takes you. The modern tone comes from a sense of minimalism as far as colors and shapes go. The movement is literal in a sense because moving your eyes across makes you almost dizzy.
This art speaks volumes. The simplistic yet rustic and abstract design of the trash bags offer the onlooker a different view on the image. Color is minimal and uses a white background to help the main attraction stand out and play its stagnant role within the foreground. A small sign reads no dumping which are the only words listed in the piece.
This abstract face is filled with color but mostly red. The modern pop hue is prominent while the movements direction is up to the viewer. The detail within the head is elaborate, organized chaos if you will. The order of shapes and messages doesn't matter just that its all contained inside the head which says something important.
This minimal yet important piece shows two sides of a story. A man lost at sea and a butterfly in complete serenity. The boat is in what appears to be a lava liquid while the butterfly is flying safe above. Similar but not exact colors are used to show the connection between the two artifacts.
Credits: All media
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