The Famous Vincent van Gogh Exhibition 

Here in this exhibition are the famous works of Vincent van Gogh. This gallery contains mostly a theme of scenery that he often referred to. The shape of houses or buildings, in his paintings, are rarely symmetrical. The lines are not straight. He used like colors that complimented one another; although, he did not use vibrant, bright colors as much. His use of color and shading is spectacular. 

This portrait gives off a sort of "blue" mood. The dark use of colors can make one feel calm. The sky is not one color, but is swirled with different shades of blue.
That colors of yellow and orange pop out in this painting. There is different shades of it, but it portrays texture very well in this work of art.
When first glancing at this painting, it looks like a house. But as you observe more thoroughly, you can see a clock in the middle of the building. The church is not painted straight.
The bedroom looks very empty. There is just a few pieces of furniture. On the top right, there are portraits that look like it could be Vincent van Gogh's mother and father.
His use of green and yellow can make one feel that they are really in this scenery. It looks realistic. It captures nature in a beautiful way.
This building looks a bit more straight compared to his other works. The colors in this painting look a little dull and dark. His use of a darker yellow makes the building look a little older.
This painting has plenty of dark colors. On the bottom right, you can see what it seems like to be a couple staring right back form the painting.
In this painting, Vincent van Gogh used more colors than normal. There are pops of red, blue, and green all together in one work of art. It gives off a vibrant feeling.
A painting of an ocean always gives off a relaxed feeling. The use of his white paint portrays the foam of the salt water.
The architecture of these are not straight, but he shades the top of the buildings to portray shingles or what they used back then as shingles. Some parts of the grass look dead.
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