For victory! - Hector Romanos

This gallery focuses on propaganda posters from WWI and WWII. It features different graphic posters from different allied countries encouraging their citizens to purchase war bonds and rationing to help fund the war effort. 

This piece features a U.S. Marine holding his rifle adorned with a bayonet. The poster places emphasis on the Marine and phrase by framing them within negative space contrasting in color.
This poster features a U.S. Marine hunched over the body of a Nazi soldier with rifle in hand. Once again, emphasis is placed on the Marine through the use of negative space and contrasting colors.
A wounded soldier in a seated position is featured in the center of this poster. The use of negative space and shape place emphasis on the soldier, while the use of red draws attention to the wound.
The flags of the allied nations emerge from smoke flying high above a fleet of war planes and battleships. Color, line, and proportion help create a sense of movement and place emphasis on the flags.
Two scenes feature maps of Europe and Russian tanks driving over communist regime flags are depicted in this poster. The mirrored scenes utilize contrasting color and shape to creates movement.
This poster features a fair-skinned woman amidst a sea of soldiers, waving the American flag. Movement is created with lines, shape, and color. Proportion places emphasis on the woman.
"Uncle Sam" is showing two children war savings stamps. The use of negative space and color emphasize the characters. Color helps separate "Uncle Sam" from the children.
Color, shape, and proportion help complete a balance between the supplies, such as oil and food, and the battle scene involving soldiers firing artillery from a beach featured in this poster.
This poster features before and after scenes involving caricatures of Hitler and a Nazi soldier being attacked by the Russian military. The use of red emphasizes the Russian military.
Color, line, shape, and negative space are utilized to create "Uncle Sam" in the center of this poster. The lines and shapes emphasize his pointer finger extended towards the audience.
Credits: All media
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