The history of nature in music 

This theme is about how we are inspired from the world and nature, to gather information for not only art but for everyday living. Here you will discover through art different sounds of nature used through the mind to create beautiful pieces of art. 

In this painting you can see the river front flow, causing the waves to hit and splash. Fishing men gather for battle and to sail across the country to fight for their rights.
The artist really shows how through work instruments,to embark on a better way of learning. These are the perfect forms of new world reality instruments for not only work but the mind.
Here you can see where see two people in love, and he is playing what may be a flute. But there is heart ache and pain around them but the sweet sound music and nature, cause and warms the soul.
Nothing is more define like the Crown of Thorns from Jesus Christ. To be able to hold and have this within your hands is a sight to see up close and tough sight to see. But also education as well.
Martin expressed a lot of emotion in the painting, showing the struggle between the wind and the forrest, but when you have a strong mountain nothing can tear it down.
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