from dawn til dusk, then comes the night

This exhibition is a showcase of painting throughout different parts of the day and night. It is meant to show the contrast of light, shadows, and colors used in depicting day scenes verses night scenes. The styles and time periods of paintings differ due to the many different artist shown. As you look through the paintings, you should feel your own day take its course through to the night. In the night scene paintings, consider the variety of the scenes themselves, and how each one has a different atmosphere, and the feelings each one provokes. 

I chose this painting because it is a beautiful representation of an early foggy morning. It fits my theme and is the start of my timeline of a day.
This painting shows the beautiful reds and yellows of a sunrise. It is a calm setting that is associated with early mornings and fits well into my theme.
This painting shows the brightness that is the afternoon. A water scene in Venice is a perfect representation of an ideal afternoon.
This painting, while not a serine as the previous paintings, shows the afternoon sky in a perfect while while still representing the daily lives of people in Paris at this time.
The unblended harsh lines of this painting is a different style from the previous paintings, but shows the purples and pinks of a sunset. It shows the ending of a day coming.
Not quite day, not quite night. This painting does not have yellows, reds, and blues of a daytime painting, or the white light of the moon mixed with dark blue and shadows, but something in between.
This impressionistic painting is a beautiful ocean scene with moonlight breaking through the shadows. This blue toned painting is the perfect impressionist representation of a night at sea.
In this painting, the moonlight is breaking through the clouds, but the colors are not as blue. It is a different kind of night by the sea, giving you a new perspective with the more natural looking painting.
This well known painting is a classic example of a night scene, showcasing the stars in a more abstract way.
The last painting of this exhibition is a night scene of a castle. It has the blue colors that are so popular in depicting night scenes, while still having a more natural representation of the night.
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