Brandon Muscarella

Color Schemes

This painting uses complementary. It uses blues, greens, and violets. It has a light blue, green, and a light violet texture int he painting.
This artwork shows a warm feeling. It has the orange red and yellow textures in it. To me it shows a nice relaxing feeling, instead of a sad feeling.
This artwork to me is a monochromatic because of its colors that has a tint and shade. It also has maroon, pink, and violet shade. It shows a bright and happy mood for me.
This artwork is a triadic color scheme because it has all of the colors in it. It has red, yellow, blue, green, orange,and a lot more in the picture. This shows how it can be rally peaceful and nice.
Blind man in Belsen shows a lot of cool colors. It has a dark texture to the whole painting. It has a lot of dark colors in it. This painting seems very depressing because how dark it is.
The Scream is a very analogous painting. It has red, redorange, orange, yelloworange, and many other warm like colors.This painting shows a nice relaxing feeling.
Credits: All media
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