Huda Toprak

Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance painter,sculptor, architect, musician, scientist. He had many qualifications. But mostly known for his paintings like Mona Lisa. He followed High Renaissance movement.
Claude Monet was French Impressionist painter. Most impressionist uses unique colors and give big important to light. We can see the brush strokes. We can't see easily the woman like in realistic paintings, it is more fuzzy since this is a impressionist painting.
Salvador Dali is a Spanish surrealist painter who lived from 1904 to 1989. His surrealist drawns are well described and you can sense that this is his draws. His unique style always made me surprised.
Emile Bernard is a Post-Impressionist painter. Geometric shpaes and bold colors represent Post -impressionism and Emile Bernard is one of the most famous painters. In this painting we can also see geometric shapes and different type of colors.
Edward Munch was a Expressionist painter who mostly known for his painting "The Scream". Lines and colors should reconsider for expressionists. Red and redish tones means anger, blue means more calmness. So in this painting he used blue color to represent calmness.
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