The theme of this exhibition is water. I chose water as my theme because I spend a lot of time at the beach, because I am a surf lifesaver, and I love the water. I remember when I was a little kid all I wanted to do was swim, swim in pools, swim in the ocean, I really did not care where I was I just wanted to be in the water. To this day my parents still call me a dolphin. Water has helped me in many tough times, it has the amazing ability to calm and sooth any wound, mental or physical. The theme of water, is very interesting because you can never really know what lies beneath the surface. The artworks that I have chosen all relate to water in different ways, some directly, some not directly. Some of the artworks are of beaches or lakes, others are coloured blue like the ocean. For example, one of the artworks in particular has a connection to water rather than water itself, this is New Stones - Newton’s Tones by Tony Cragg. The materials used in this artwork remind me of all of the pollution in the ocean at the moment, and the fact that we need to do something about it, because if we do not we will lose our ocean and all of the magnificent creatures within it. The animals and plants inside the ocean may seem insignificant but they are alive just like us and they deserve to have a home that is not filthy and polluted. I think that more people need to be aware of the problems that are occurring with the ocean today.

Subjective Frame
Post Modern Frame
Cultural Frame
Structural Frame