The Olympics

I chose to do the topic of The Olympics because it reaches the world just like art does.  I tried to get more abstract looking people with a wide variety of colors.  I focused on getting works of art that were not highly representational and more modern.  I also put them in an order from the start of the Olympics, to the symbol that stands for the Olympics, to the lighting of the flame.  Then I focused on only summer Olympic sports.

I chose this work because it depicts the birth of the Olympics. It is also not very representational and a more modern piece which is my theme.
I chose this work to put in my gallery because it shows one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. I also like it because it is very basic and a very modern work.
This work made my gallery because it depicts the start of the Olympics. I also like it because the painting is not very representational. It is also modern which makes it a good fit.
This work fits because it shows many athletes doing different sports, it's not highly representational and it's modern. What also makes this work fit is every sport I show is part of the Summer Games.
Gymnastics is a big sport in the Olympics. This work is older than the others, but it depicts an Olympic sport. It is a little more representational, but it is not highly representational.
I like this painting because it shows many athletes playing basketball. Also it shows people on the side watching which symbolizes the world watching. It is modern and not highly representational.
Cycling is a big Olympic sport. I chose this work because it adds to the idea that the whole world is watching. I like this painting because it makes you feel the pressure that the cycler is feeling.
Soccer is one of the biggest summer Olympic sports. I like it because it shows two opposing players by each other. This gives a sense of friendliness and togetherness which is what the Olympics bring.
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