Realism in street art

This gallery was put together from two other galleries, 9eme Concept and Emergence.  All images are of street art, one of the main concepts at play in this gallery.  These realistic images challenge our perspective of nature and culture as we see it in our daily lives, in this case street art that surrounds us having real life implications.  The first image of the collection named 25e Etage- Tour Pleyel (2014) shows an octopus, brightly coloured in blues and purples, symbolising many colours this creature can conform to in nature.  Depth is used in the painting as the tentacles come out at the viewer, creating a sense of realism and natural movements. The second photo has the same title Etage- Tour Pleyel (2014).  Very similar colours are used, very bright blues, yellow, oranges and reds.  These colours are often associated with Native Indians as they decorated themselves in feathers representing bravery and courage.  Although this painting is not identical to what you would see in real life, it incorporates realistic features that hint at the culture of the gentleman depicted.  This similarity is seen in the third photo called Open the Door Houston (2013) in which the artist is shown painting an image of a Native Indian.  Here we again see bright bold colours of blue, red, black and tan, also representing cultural aspects related to the individual in the photo.  As previously stated, a headdress of feathers is also seen as it relates to the natural clothing and attire that would be worn by a Native Indian.  The fourth image, Untitled (2013), is also realism however this street art makes you think about you actions as it depicts a fisher women caught in a net and a basket of fish that are free.  This photo brings to light aspects of everyday life that are often overlooked such as overfishing or the need to supply food for a family.  Finally, Mala Erba (2013) depicts a natural scene of dandelions and other living plants on a concrete wall.  The textures within the photograph give a sense of realism, showing that life and living plants and animals are around us at all times, despite out concrete jungles full of non-living components such as concrete.


            All the photos in this gallery challenge common notions on street art and realism.  What are we viewing and how does it relate to the world around us?  Through aspects of colour, painting techniques and natural references, the artist creates a sense of realism within this street art.

Credits: All media
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