Composition is The Story

The Universal Design Principal I chose was 'Composition'. Composition is the storyteller. Composition is the representative of the sum of its parts. Composition is all and one at the same time.

The overall story of this painting speaks happiness to me. I imagine the women here are enjoying one another's company as they relax with nature.
I imagine the story here is tribal war. The horse riders in the front appear to be galloping as fast as they can from the enemy mass behind them.
To me, the composition here says discipline. I see complete discipline in this man's face.
A picture composition says a thousand words. This composition says war, and it appears that the men here are regrouping or resting from battle.
Subtle, unexpected, and surprise to whomever the guy with the gun is gunning for.
This was an interesting composition for me. The bird almost appears to be deformed as if its belly is in the stead of its upper back.
I liked this composition for a weird reason. It isn't often that I see a painting where the horse appears to be falling to the ground with its rider.
This composition was very dark for me. The story here says loss, heartbreak, death and a small glimmer of hope.
This painting tells a story of a man who died a rather painful death.
I chose this composition because of how messy it was. Although messy, I can still make out that it is a vehicle of sorts.
I decided to include this art piece in my gallery because I think she is beautiful. She reminds me of the amazing actress Kate Winslet (Titanic movie).
This composition tells a serious story, whatever that story may be. The eyes are dark and demon like.
This was amazing. This is a composition of a bird made out of many smaller birds. I admired the creativity of this piece.
This composition did it for me. I can appreciate the seriousness of the woman here.
I really enjoyed this painting. I see a child of wonder. A child intrigued by the world around him/her. I see an explorer who is ready for the world.
Credits: All media
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