Feel the music - la'keesha d. mote

This gallery includes representations of the beauty in the worlds of movement and music.  Dance is the ultimate result of these two worlds colliding.  Experience the essence of Ballet in black and white and bursts of color as you explore its splendor, grace and elegance from several different interpretations of movement.  

This piece is a splendid representation of music in motion. It depicts a dancer who is completely lost in the music. Her head is tilted back, chin up, arms raised, her right foot forward and she is drenched in perspiration. The slight blur in her arms perfectly enhances the illusion of movement.
The contrast in this piece forces you to immediately focus on the dancer in red. The shadows and slight distortion of the dancers in the background allow your attention to be drawn to her. The toes on her right foot hold her up as she elegantly strikes a perfect pose.
This piece is set in black and white and the dark background allows you to immediately focus on the dancer’s movement and expression. Her posture depicts how graceful the movement truly is while her dress supports the illusion of gentle movement by the way it appears to be sliding down her leg.
The contrasts in this color scheme is from complete opposite ends of the color wheel. The strong burst of yellow in the dancer’s costume, as it stands out with the dark background immediately emphasizes her position in this piece. It almost looks as if she is flying as she leaps through the air with poise and grace.
This piece depicts two dancers as they support each other’s movement. He holds her by the arms as they gaze upward with her right leg extended back. The slight shadow on his face draws the attention to hers. His hands support her while hers are turned inward just in front of his, as if she’s preparing for her next move.
There is a slight hint of color as the symmetry of the two dancer’s reflections mirror the same move. Even though the color is almost completely analogous, because of the slight difference, she immediately grabs your attention. Their arms extended, legs raised and heads back as if they are acknowledging something higher than their selves.
The illusion of movement is depicted with these two dancers by the way their dresses hang. Even though the lighting is slightly darker on the dancer in the background, it doesn’t take away from her placement in this piece. Both of them are able to hold equal space as their movements mirror one another.
The unity in this piece evokes a feeling of complete harmony. Even though you can almost picture the dancer’s next move, it is as if they are frozen in one place. There is only a slight contrast, with the shadow on the face of the dancer on the right. Their movement is mirrored to perfection.
The rhythm in this piece creates a feeling of organized movement. All the dancers are perfectly placed and mirroring one another’s movement which allows for complete harmony because of this. The lighting allows for you to focus on the group as a whole and not an individual dancer. The placement of their hands and the slight bend in their backs support the illusion of movement.
The color contrast draws immediate attention to the dancers in blue. This piece depicts a group of dancers in complete harmony, lost in the movement of their dance. They lighting is only off slightly in the far left corner, thus allowing the emphasis to be placed on the dancers in the foreground.
Credits: All media
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