The Color Contrast Of War.

I pick this picture because of the warm color that gave out the comfortable feeling at first sight although it contain the sorrow and grief meaning.
I choose this picture because of color and composition, the empty sky in the back ground make the audience focus on the front of the picture that using a diversity of color to make it look lively.
The mixing between gray and brown color in this painting express the hard work and the sadness of the soldier and in the same time it may hidden message of untidy and dirtiness life in the field.
The contrast of the color in this picture is quiet interesting. The building in the middle painted in red and black while the crater and sky use the hard color to limit the audience focus.
The feeling of this painting is very obvious, the entire picture painted in black tone except the sky, even it just the landscape but it's showing the strong emotion of destructive and sadness.
The color contrast between the building debris and the burning sky really great, this painting can told a hundred story and the destruction of war clearly with a few element.
This painting have a very great component, the detail is great, the expression on the face of the soldier is very clear and the contrast of shade is very match the gloomy atmosphere.
What I like in this painting is the strong emotion, even the action of the people in this paint did’n show any clear emotion but the color make a hard feeling and gloomy atmosphere.
I choose this painting because the way that artist use the color to express the emotion is absolutely amazing, the hot tone color gave out a strong, violent, sorrow, and excitement.
The point why I pick this work is the feeling contrast in this painting, even though it show the war torn scenery but the sky began to clear and the bright ray make it felt like there's still hope.
This painting have a very strong contrast both color and feeling, The top half is mainly blue while the lower half is brown, and bright and colorful scene make it look lively even it is the war scene.
It hardly to tell that this painting is related to war at the first glance the bright and soft color give a comfortable sight but the dark and cloudy shape in the middle really caught my attention.
I personally like this work with no reason, the color is perfectly math the feeling of the scene and the good detail express very clear message.
This painting is pretty unique compare to other war painting, the scene is look very cool and not too bright the color with the hard outline make it like it come out from the comic.
This painting is also contain a strong feeling, it very dark compare to other battle scene but the detail is great, the dark color express the great pain and carnage. The great sorrow indeed.
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