The Colors

Artwork comprised of color as the subject to show emotion.

A red painting by Clyfford Still. Red shows many different emotions across many different cultures, mainly showing rage or extreme passion.
I chose this painting for its vibrant use of the color green, which helps to reiterate the importance of the meaning and feeling of color in art. Green is generally associated with nature or unity.
Tan Ping gives us a great use of Blue with this painting. Blue is associated with serenity, spirituality, and sadness. The simplicity of this painting shows those emotions.
Yellow, the color of Happiness and vigor is used here with the use of black and white to help bring balance and composure to this painting.
This painting is a great example of complimentary colors using Blue and orange. It is another great use of composition and use of blank space for relief.
This abstract piece uses the color red and the method of simplicity and contrast between the blank white canvas and the bright red Rhombus.
The use of blue, white and red are shown with this painting. Another great sampling of both abstract and geometry.
This painting is a phenomenal use of the Triad color scheme, using three colors that form a triangle on the color wheel. the use of abstract shapes is also shown here.
This is a good abstract piece that uses an uncommon florescent color pink amongst a contrasted and equally vibrant light green.
A solemn, melancholy blue painting of a moon that shows isolation and lonesomeness.
Power, sophistication, elegance, purity. These are the types of words that come to mind when viewing this painting. The use of pure black and white gives a sense of modernism and simplicity.
The use of blank space and high detail in this painting is a pinnacle mash-up between classical and modern art. This artwork shows strength and valor with Apollo and burning hearts.
This simple, yet elegant piece is another amazing example of modern abstract art that uses blank space to show contrast.
Another example of the use of black and white colors and geometrical shapes to create emotions of austerity, and reverence.
This artwork shows an early use of blue to show emotion in this late Heian period.
The use of orange and photographs of cars make this painting a great example of orange artwork.
This piece of artwork uses Teal which is a secondary color of green, which shows energy and relaxation.
The uncommon use of pink in this geometric piece of art is a good example of a soft emotion in art. pink is generally associated with femininity and estrogen.
I believe this famous Edo piece shows a great usage of the color blue and the meaning of this color because of the sad state of the ships and the ferocity of the ocean and how it humbles us.
This is a good example of a piece that uses orange. The teal accents help to compliment the orange and the black paint gives definition and good descriptors to help bring life to this painting.
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