Through out the course, the course readings are related with many truth of human conditions, acceptance of human limitations, religions, myths, and faiths.  In this exhibit you will find religions, myths, and faiths related with course reading.

Mother of Gigamesh When Gilgamesh wakes from bad dreams she interprets them and eases his fears (page 11, Tablet I). When he decides to journey to defeat Humbaba, she first prays to protect her son and then adopts Enkidu (page 24, Tablet III). Creating a brotherly bond brings the two men closer for their journey.
True Friendships of Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Gilgamesh does truly love his friend. No one can dispute the genuine grief he feels after Enkidu's death "he covered, like a bride, the face of his friend" (Pg 65, 69)
Fear SuperEgo,and unhappiness in us aggressive impulses that achieves the goal by instaling within the induvidual
DEATH INSTINCT Man is aggressive and needs to feed his aggressive ego.
Handdara in Karhide In the Kingdom Karhide they believe in Handdara religion. Handdara religion have very much common with Buddhism
Yomesh in Orgoreyn The picture illustrate Jesus and his disciples. Yomesh is dominant religion in the Orgoreyn. and Yomesh have lots of common in Christianity.
Judgement In the book 'The Trials of Socrates' Socrates was brought to trial on a charge of corrupting the youth by teaching them not to believe in the gods.(pg ix) the reason he was found in guilty was because prejudice against him fanned by Aristophanes.
Olympus Home of all goddess in the Ancient Greek.
Lady Markby Lady Markby had strong belief where women does not need higher education and showed old traditional stereotype women figure.
Women Rights In the book, 'An Ideal Husband' by Oscar Wilde, wrote about the importance of women rights and rise of feminism by using Mrs. Cheveley, and Lady Chiltern.
understand of Universe in teaching of Lao tsu, he believe that the knowledge is coming from on whole universe, which universe is on earth, earth goes to nature.
Be like a water. Lao tsu believe that water is a perfect object to show the form of knowledge because the water does not have definite form, and can go any pathways they want also their pathways are never wrong.
The Great Emperor Chapter 62 Lao tzu refers 'Three ministers' by the people, government authorities, and emperor. which he believed the perfect government is formed by 3 elements.
Adam and Eve Adam and Eve are most spiritual figures in the bible because they are the first person whom born by the god.
Bad Snake Snake also showed spiritual symbol for temptation or evil in the Genesis because snake tells Adam and eve to eat the good and bad fruits.
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