In my opinion, Lyon is very beautiful and this city has a very different variety of houses and buildings. I can definitely see older houses and they're design is very unique.
In my opinion, the open space before the castle is nice and the details on the castle are amazing. The color of the castle is very pretty.
In my opinion, the garden in this picture is so intricate and very beautiful. This reminds me of the Botanical Garden.
I think this castle is very old and I think it might be used as a museum. Also, it looks like the area around it is well maintained.
In my opinion, this looks like the top of the Empire State building and really stands out to everything by it. The sea behind it is also very beautiful.
In my opinion, this bridge is very unique and something I've never seen before. This statue on it reminds me of the ones in front of the Art museum.
I think these houses are made out of different materials than most homes here. The little houses/cottages are very interesting.
In my opinion, this castle is beautiful. If it was used or still used it looks very well guarded and gated.
I think these homes are older and the nature is pretty. Also, the style of living looks very different from mine like hanging their laundry outside.
In my opinion, this building looks like apartments and is very unique looking. The details on it are stunning.
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