This is a example of Monchromaric because as you can see it is only consisted of one color, which is green. The background is the negative in this picture because it is not green and sticks out.
This is a example of Cool colors because they consist of ; Dark colors for example brown black blue etc.. Dark and bright colors will make a funny looking color at the end.
This is a example of Warm colors because they consist of light and tan colors; for example warm colors are red and yellow as you see in the painting/drawing below.
This is a example of Split-Complementary because this image has bright colors and on the bottom it shows exactly the colors used and how it makes that picture pop out to others.
This is a example of Complementary because the colors are what make the picture stand out and be bright. For example if the colors where any darker you wouldn't see the picture clear .
This is a example of Analogous because the image is on the left side and on the right side it shows the colors used in the drawing/painting.
This picture is Tetradic because there is atleast four different colors in the drawing because the author used bright colors to make the picture stand out.
This picture is Tertiary Triadic because black and white are on the opposite of the color wheel and one is warm and the other is cool
This is Secondary Triadic because red and white are far apart from each other on the color wheel. Red is a warm color and white is a cool color.
This picture is Primary Triadic because there is a lot of color that goes along with this picture and when you look at it, it stands out.
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