7th grade research Felice beato

 Felice beato was born in 1832 in Florence, Italy and died January 29, 1909 in Florence, Italy. He was a Italian artist who did most of his work in central and western Asia in places like Burma, Japan, China, Crimea, and India, He was also a photographer. It is unknown why he became an artist.       The specific artwork i will be focusing on is the Wenchang tower in china. He took this picture in October of 1860 before it was burnt down by Anglo-french forces wich is reffered to as the french and UK (great britian).The tower was built in 1750 when emperor Qianlong was ruling. This tower is the biggest out the other six. ( purple cloud tower, tower of cloud- retaining Eaves, tower of dawn light, Tonygun Chengguan, Qianfengcaicui, and the wenchang tower).         Beato’s photograph was one of the first to be taken in china. He took many more of pictures like this in china the Wenchang is just a tiny proportion of the summer palace. The summer palace is where the emperor of china lives. After being in china for a year Felice Beato returned to England in 1861 and sold over 400 photographs to people. Beato’s work in China and India gave him influence for some of the best work he had ever done in Japan. Felice was very busy in china and got alot of photographing done while he was there

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