Warm and cool colors

A mix of both blue, green, yellow, red and more. 

This piece uses cool colors. The sky is blue and the artist uses a soft violet around the moon to set it out. Its very pretty, also calming.
Cool colors are used for the sky to represents night and on the actual mountain. The blue on the mountain pops more and thats the first thing that catches your eye.
It has a lot of cool colors. Blue, green, violet. It also has a few warm colors to help make sure things stand out a little more.
This painting of the mountain is very warming and it is a eye catcher.
Very cool with a little yellow. Representing warm colors and light in the picture. This piece reminds me of snow, its peaceful.
I really do like the water in this picture and the colors. Its almost as if you are there in real life. Its just beautiful but simple and thats all you need.
This uses very warm and neutral colors. Very dark and shows a story. Dark travels through mountains.
This mountain has warm colors with a little blue, which is a cool color. The blue is there to show the curves in the mountain, to shadow the mountain.
Very warm painting and then theres the green treen sharing the center of the painting with the mountain. very calm and fresh water painting.
Uses both cool and warm colors.
Credits: All media
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