The perfect curve of line art

A Gallery by Jerry Miller

I love the way they did the cross hatching on this line piece to show the shadows.
There's a real sense of motion here, looks like the person is being dragged and either people are trying to stop the person or are assisting. Like arresting someone.
I had a hard time trying to understand what was going on here. I like to think its something in another room or something very tragic happened in this spot.
Just look at that detail! This shows some very impressive levels of detail. I love the way the lighting helped this piece out, gave it some real sense of debth.
It says standing man but I see a man with a cane or possibly a weapon, spear or sword. Maybe this was a duelist and it was a rapier.
I love that in the Japanese style artwork they went long vertical ways instead of horizontal, it gives me a sense of movement.
I really like the way the shadows cast on these types of sculptures to create a shadow casted living painting on the walls around it.
I love looking at outlines like this, sketches that arent quite finished or things before they are painted always give me a good feeling.
This is a nice gestural sketch, looks like old greek paintings towards her face.
I like how this person really took the time to study this type of tree before sketching it, some people wouldnt bother painting the more fuzzy underside of this plant.
I think what George Romney did in this piece was do a super quick sketch on the bottom then went ahead and did shadowing very quickly on the top.
I love the way they sketched the eye brows, doing it this way you can get a sense that his eyebrows were really fuzzy and hairy more than average.
There has to be a better explanation for this piece. Maybe there was a flood or a tidal wave that happened and the person was injured and is being rescued.
This is some really trippy artwork to take in but I love the mix line density in the spots!
This is a great piece of line work, taking it into a whole new dimension.
Credits: All media
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