A time for change

Brittany Van Vleet

The years of World War One created large changes to the black society. Both changes bad and good, they impacted how black culture is today.
African Americans played a huge part in World War I. With a total of 370,000 black troops fighting, African Americans served bravely. One of the most successful overseas unit was the 369th division.
After the War followed the Great Migration. Blacks sought not only less discrimination, but better jobs and places to live., such as black communities. A total of 330,000 blacks went North looking for a better life.
The Red Summer of 1919 was a period of time when racial tension exploded across the country. Tensions increased due to job shortages and demand for equality from African Americans. The South started to fine people who helped out black people. Riots from South Carolina to Texas raged on through the bloody 3 months.
Marcus Garvey founded the black nationalism movement. They believed that they could create their own societies and towns. Labor Unions for better work was formed. Also about 16 laws were passed from 1901 to 1920 to stop lynching and make it a felony.
During these social gains movements, blacks believed they needed to be self-reliant. Garvey then founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association, UNIA. The point was to unite all blacks and return to Africa and build a new nation.
The Harlem Renaissance was an amazing period of time for black culture. Thousands of African Americans flooded New York into a town called Harlem. Harlem then became the life of black culture thriving.
Emphasis on black culture brought all blacks together. A burst in creativity was sweeping the nation within black culture. From writers to musicians, the harlem renaissance forever changed the black culture we see today.
In Harlem, Jazz was a new-found music that everyone loved. Created in the late 1920's, blacks combined many different types of music to create this revolutionary type of music.
Culture was growing everyday back in the 1920's of Harlem. Actors of Vaudeville, performed a variety of music, art, and comedy as a part of a show.
The Harlem Renaissance closed down by the 1930's. A main factor of this happening was the economic depression that stuck the USA in 1929. Even though the renaissance stopped, the influence on black culture still remains today.
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