Norris Color Gallery

I chose this artwork because I think the colors pop a little more because part of it is black and white.
I chose this because of the warm, glowing colors lay over the shadows.
I liked the saturated characters moving around in a desaturated world.
I chose this image because of the glossiness of the book covers. It really makes the colors pop.
I chose this image because of the yellow flower.
There are two obvious sections of this image, one of which is the only part of the image that really has any color.
I like how the color in this image is split up into there different sections of the painting.
I chose this image because I think the color pops a little bit more because of the frame around it.
I like how the blue, red and yellow are separated. Yet these sections are not a solid color, they have white in there to make them stand out a bit more.
I couldn't help but notice that the color is the thing that separates the two sides of this image.
I think this is a depiction of what goes through many people's heads when they are dreaming of being famous. Everything seems so colorful to them because it is such a fun dream to have.
I like how something dark and colorless can cause chaos amongst those who are saturated.
I chose this because I felt like the characters in the image were very desaturated and the wall behind them stood out a lot because of it's colorful texture.
This image is different, in my opinion. It has color on top of another color to make a different color.
I think this image is very exciting, only because of the little bit of color around the edges of the green.
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