Colorful beauty / Hyojeong So

This gallery has a theme of beauty, mostly focused on variety colors. The arts in the gallery going to express about what 'Beauty' would be in our mind. It can be a person, nature or color but commonly they defined as 'Beauty'.

This is obviously a picture of ballerina. A ballerina is a person who acts with dance, Ballet. So in my opinion, dancing that shows feelings and story could be a 'Beauty'
As we can see from its title, this is a beauty of Green, mostly a plants. This art is made by a Children, which also can say that how they see nature's beauty with their pure eyes.
This art maybe portraits a young child soldier in the war who became a victim. The sky background and the word of child means how innocent is he.
This painting was created by Japanese artist and entitled as Beauty. The artist shows how beautiful is a woman, especially the asian.
This painting represents a man and woman who are kissing. Kissing is a motion from their love, and we know that love is a pure and precious beauty of us.
This could seems as a flowers but there's children's faces in the flowers. Flowers can represents their innocent, pureness and immature beauty.
There's many type of love, but i think the love from mother to her child is the most beautiful one.
This painting is showing the landscape in a various colors. As a whole, beauty from a nature is what the artist wanted to show us.
As we can easily noticed from its title, this is a painting of Venus, who is the goodness of a beauty and love. This could representing that beauty from appearance, especially the women.
There's two people who are seems like e getting married in the painting. There face looks happy and lovely. This art says that how beautiful the love from a couple is.
Credits: All media
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