Island Hopping

This gallery explores the many different representations of islands, some based around actual landscapes and some based off of pure imagination. Every artist uses different colors, different patterns, different techniques and different textures to fully capture and create what their mind's eye sees when visualizing islands.          Take a look for yourself. 

This is a painting of the mysterious Fingal's Cave, Island of Staffa, Scotland. This painting was created in 1884 by Thomas Moran. Moran sketched the caves while on a cruise and later finished this painting in his art studio on Long Island. The use of proportion and natural colors made this painting outstanding. The large cloud of white/grey mist that is so thick that you can barely see through to the mountainside really gives you the sense of spookiness that surrounds these caves.
This painting is called "'Kingfisher', Thursday Island" by Ray Crooke, created in 1950. Crooke painted a beautiful island using pale colors to really give it a desert feel. Crooke also did a great job creating space in the painting by painting an abandoned boat right up front or "closest to the viewer". Doing so put the island more towards the background of the painting, creating depth.
This painting is of the Baltic Sea coast on the Island of Vilm, created by Preller d. J., Friedrich in 1888. Friedrich used a different strategy and instead of painting an island from off the coast like usual, he painting his landscape from the coast's perspective. Using a multitude of vibrant colors, Friedrich brought the textures of the stones, the water, and the hillside to life.
This painting is called "Views Across Frenchman's Bay from Mt. Desert Island, After a Squall", made by Thomas Cole in 1845. The landscape depicted in this scene is the view over Frenchman's Bay from Mount Desert Island, on the Maine coast. Thomas Cole focussed on how appealing his paintings were and didn't worry too much about the accuracy of the geography he was painting. Even though the islands off of the coast in the painting are rearranged, Cole did an amazing job of making them look so real, capturing a sense depth between the viewer and the islands in the distance.
This painting is called View of Island of Otaheite (Tahiti), by William Hodges created in 1773. This painting was made using watercolors over top of pencil markings. Hodges did a tremendous job of capturing the wind and the movement in this painting, which can be seen in the tops of the palm trees along with the wind sails on the boats in the back of the painting.
This painting is titled "The Island of Barbados", created in 1694 by an artist named Isaac Sailmaker. This amazing view over Barbados looks insanely realistic and was made over 300 years ago! I get a huge sense of rhythm from this piece. All of the boats, houses, people, land, and even the whale off of the coast needed to be scaled to the proper size to make this painting work.
This piece is called "Instant Landscape - Island #2" and was created in 2010 by Korean artist Nampyo Kim. This is a more modern and abstract take on an island landscape painting. Kim's painting was meant to blend textures and create a painting that tells a story of it's own. This painting is definitely one of a kind.
This painting is called "A Boat on Lake Maggiore", created in 1915 by artist Fondazione Cariplo. The first thing that stood out to me in this painting was the color. If you focus in on any part of the painting you will see blotchy shapes, but when you view the painting as a whole it almost has a sense of sharpness. If you zoom in you can see the layers upon layers of colors used to make this painting so astonishing.
This painting is called "Between Red_027" and was created in 2007 by Korean artist Seahyun Lee. Similar to "Instant Landscape - Island #2" by Nampyo Kim, this piece is also a modern, abstract representation of the usual island landscape painting. The artist decided to not paint the water, instead he painted the island landscape in a bright red and left the water portion white. I find this painting to be very refreshing and original.
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