Elements of art: lInes

Lines used in art 

Uses lines and value to actually make it look 3-D.
Uses thatching to create the shower wall and show how it is going from the top of the shower to the bottom of the shower floor.
This painting has splattered lines that are closer together at the bottom and smaller towards the top.
A series of straight lines are put together to look like a take off site. they are manly thin lines and are not curved.
Only two colors of lines are used and they are splattered to look like abstract branches or plants found in nature.
Splattered lines are put in certain places to make a field of flowers or mushrooms. The lines are thin, overlap and are messy.
Since the lines are blended and smeared it looks like snow on a mountain and the way the lines change direction makes mountains appear closer or farther away
The lines are sketchy and scattered across the page. They are shorter near the bottom of the painting and long and spread apart near the middle and top f the painting. All of the lines are really thin.
In this ink painting the artist uses messy lines to form a city landscape. Nothing is clean or organized and it kind of looks like the lines are smeared.
In this oil painting there are only a couple types of lines that aren't very detailed and are very spread apart or clean cut unlike some of the others where a bunch of lines overlap and look more unorganized.
The different colors in the lines show water or the ocean and you can tell that a person is swimming. Since the person doesn't look realistic and neither does the water would be abstract.
The different thickness, texture, and color of the lines create a realistic affect. You can also see hatching.
The way the lines are shaped and the negative spaces put into the drawing help to make the painting look like a puzzle or like something that has been broken.
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