Youth has innocence

Losing innocence is something nobody wants to experience.

This picture of a toy train relates to innocence because often young children play with toys and children are most always innocent.
Adults are often not as innocent as children. The child seems to be very happy and has no worries because he is innocent where as the women seems less happy because she is not as innocent.
This image shows a young boy having a great time playing with his toy. He has nothing negative on his mind which proves he probably is very innocent.
This image has an old man who seems to be looking into the sky with some depression. His depression most likely was caused by his loss of innocence.
This image is of a man smoking. He seems to be unhappy and his unhappiness led him to bad habits such as smoking. He probably picked up this habit after losing his innocence.
This famous painting is very dark. Loss of innocence is often a dark depressing road. The darkness shows the mind of someone who has lost innocence.
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