Ancient egypt

Here are some pieces of art from Ancient Egypt. They relate to what I've been learning in class.

These sarcophagi might have held the bodies of farmers or merchants.
This is the gold burial mask of king Tut being displayed in a museum in Cairo.
This Canopic jar held the internal organs of Lady Senebtisi.
This statue of Senworset might have been a statue that people prayed to.
This amulet might have been worn by priests. It is in the form of Ba.
This is a statue of Horus, the falcon headed god of the sky.
This is the mummy of Ankhhor, and he has a Scarab beetle amulet on his chest.
This is also a statue of Horus but he is in falcon form. He is also wearing a double crown.
This is a statue of a dynasty king. This statue might have been worshiped.
This sarcophagus held a body of a pharaoh.
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